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Providing next level displays across Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Sussex, Kent, London and beyond across the UK.

Displays You Can Trust

We’re masters in the art of providing next level pyrotechnic and lighting displays comparable to no other. We’ve displayed at countless of venues across the UK and built a firm reputation for unrivalled creativity, attention to detail and scale that simply cannot be found elsewhere. From weddings to festivals, we cater for every type of event and treat each display with the same love, passion and energy.

Buy From Professionals

As a professional display company –  we know the in’s and out’s of fireworks but more importantly, know which ones are worth your money! We choose only to sell the best fireworks at the lowest prices, so you can be confident you’re getting the biggest ‘bang for your buck’.

It’s not just fireworks we’re amazing at!


Although our name suggests fireworks, we actually started as a laser display company and continue to provide high quality laser shows across the UK. Our laser displays are renowned for their incomparable creativity, precision and safety, all brought together into high production value displays. 

Take a look at our new laser showcase video and check out our laser page to learn more.

Why Choose
Horizon Fireworks?

As a professional firework display company run by firework enthusiasts, our displays are as important to us as they are to you. You can be assured that every display fired by us will be stunning.

We always aim to go the extra mile – this is clearly visible through our customer/venue relations, and of course our stunning displays. Above all else, safety is central to our company. Our highly trained team backed by a comprehensive insurance policy has a 100% accident free record; and we’d prefer to keep it that way! 

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Firework Display Company

Firework fanatics

Pyrotechnic Professionals

Driven by passion, innovation and safety, our talented team combines experts in pyrotechnics, lighting, lasers and of course fireworks. We’re always seeking ways to push our shows to the next level ensuring the events we display at maintain a top tier reputation. Our displays are not just one time events, they are works of art built to create memories that last.

Built from the ground up

Bespoke Services, Endless Possibilities

Although every display we provide is hand tailored to suit your event, we understand sometimes there’s a need for something that’s completely unique. We offer completely bespoke, one of a kind displays created from the ground up to suit the most extravagant and technically demanding situations. From rooftop fireworks and flames to lasers out at sea on rocking boats, our highly skilled display team will work closely with you to bring your wildest ideas to life. 

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